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New details on Nintendo’s mini-NES point to gorgeous graphics, but very short cables

Ever since Nintendo announced it would offer a pint-sized mini-NES with 30 classic games pre-loaded, there’s been a significant groundswell of interest from nostalgic gamers. New information and side-by-side playthroughs suggest that the micro-console offers better graphics than even Nintendo’s ...

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New GTA V Redux mod gives Grand Theft Auto a massive graphics and gameplay overhaul

One of the advantages to being a PC gamer is the vast array of mods and user-created content available for many titles. While not every game is moddable, titles that support modding are more likely to spawn robust, long-lasting communities. ...

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JEDEC certifies GDDR5X — will AMD, Nvidia tap it for next-gen graphics after all?

Share This article Last fall, Micron announced that it would bring a new type of GDDR5 to market, GDDR5X. At the time, it wasn’t clear if the announcement would amount to much, since Micron didn’t expect availability until the end ...

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AMD R9 Nano review: Stellar performance in a pint-sized graphics card

Share This article At E3 this past summer, AMD announced four new GPUs that would make up its next-generation product family: The Radeon Fury X, the Fury, the Fury Nano, and the as-yet-unreleased dual-GPU Fury. We’ve covered each launch in ...

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New GTA V mod boosts PC version’s graphics detail, crushes console versions

Share This article Every time a major game launches, there’s a rush to compare performance and specs between PCs and consoles. In the case of Grand Theft Auto V, those comparisons came out solidly in the PC’s favor. While the ...

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