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Threadripper Review: AMD’s 16-core 1950X Rips Through Intel’s Core i9

For the past five months, AMD has steadily pushed its new Zen architecture into the enthusiast, mainstream, and budget desktop markets. These new Ryzen CPUs and their server counterparts (sold under the Epyc brand name) have reinvigorated AMD’s CPU sales ...

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Intel’s Upcoming 12-Core CPU May Clock Well Below AMD’s Threadripper

Intel and AMD have been locked in combat ever since Ryzen 7 debuted and put AMD back in the CPU race for the first time in six years. Both companies are prepping to release higher core count processors, but Intel ...

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Is Intel’s Core M processor family dead?

Back in early 2014, Intel promised that the upcoming low-power implementation of Broadwell (Broadwell Y) would revolutionize what OEMs thought was possible with Intel x86 hardware. The new Core M platform would cut SoC power dramatically across the board, feature ...

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