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A cryovolcano might be erupting right now on Ceres, as you read this

Scientists have suspected for a while that there could have been cryovolcanism on Ceres somewhere in its distant past, because of one big pile of frozen mud — but nobody had managed to prove it. Ceres, which orbits between Mars ...

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Planet nine might be pulling our solar system out of alignment

Astronomers have speculated for years that there could be a large planet in the outer reaches of our solar system, but no such object has ever been directly observed. However, the harder we look, the more plausible the existence of ...

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A slim PS4 might show up at the Tokyo Game Show

The PS4K, also known as the PlayStation Neo, has been widely discussed for months now, and Sony has even quietly confirmed that it’s in the works. But what about a simple mid-cycle PS4 redesign along the lines of the Xbox ...

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Might Quinn: April 11

Mighty is back in a surplus and likes the White Sox for Monday.  “A huge thank-you to the Daily News for the Yankees home game tickets for May. I plan on taking my grandson, who has never been to a ...

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Apple engineers might quit company before agreeing to unlock the iPhone

Share This article Right now, the battle between Apple and the FBI is playing out in a California courtroom and the court of public opinion. Should the FBI prevail in its arguments, however, it will have judicial approval to either ...

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