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New Logitech Mouse Pad Offers Wireless Charging for Supported Mice

I’ve never been all that interested in wireless mice for gaming. While they work great for traveling with a laptop, I’m one of those people who frets about battery life in my devices — call it “click anxiety” instead of ...

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EA’s Origin Access offers PC gamers unlimited access to select games

Share This article Electronic Arts, and by extension the Origin game service, is not particularly well-liked by gamers thanks to its heavy use of microtransactions and DLC packs. Perhaps it will earn some goodwill with a new service called Origin Access. ...

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Batman: Arkham Knight is still broken on PC, Warner Bros. offers refunds

Share This article The PC port of Batman: Arkham Knight continues to be a comedy of errors. In spite of numerous patches, a complete relaunch, and loads of promises, the game still performs poorly on a wide range of PCs. ...

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Batman: Arkham Knight returns to the PC, Warner Bros. offers free stuff as an apology

Share This article When Batman: Arkham Knight launched back in June, the PC version was an absolute train wreck. The frame rate was capped at 30fps, it lacked graphical effects present in the console versions, and the backlash eventually caused ...

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