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PSVR will support 360-degree videos with the PS4’s Media Player app

If you were worried about Sony’s walled garden limiting your enjoyment of the PlayStation VR, you can breathe easy now. Sony just pushed an update to the PS4’s Media Player app, and the new features it brings will undoubtedly make ...

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Developer claims PS4K upgrade ‘absolutely’ necessary for VR, slams PS4’s performance

One of the consistent claims about the rumored PS4K upgrade is that Sony has absolutely mandated backwards compatibility. Developers are supposed to target both the PS4 and PlayStation 4K / PlayStation Neo, but they aren’t allowed to introduce features or ...

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How to back up and upgrade your PS4’s hard drive

Running out of disk space on your PS4 with those monthly PlayStation Plus releases? Maybe those long load times are slowly eating away at your sanity. That tiny, slow drive that comes standard with the PS4 leads to nothing but ...

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PlayStation 4K could offer ‘twice’ the PS4’s GPU horsepower

Ever since the news first broke about a major hardware refresh for the PS4, the internet has been abuzz with theories and leaks. Most recently, a post on the popular gaming forum NeoGAF claims that the “PS4K” will feature a ...

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Sony quietly adds PS2 emulation to the PS4’s bag of tricks

Share This article When Microsoft announced that the Xbox One would gain the ability to play selected Xbox 360 titles, it was big news across the game industry. Sony, in contrast, never said much about its own plans. The company ...

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