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Steam patches flaw that exposed user profiles to drive-by attacks

Yesterday, news broke that Steam was affected by a cross-site scripting vulnerability that could compromise Steam account safety or be used to steal user data. The problem has since been corrected, and it’s now safe to view profiles and activity ...

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Subgraph OS: A secure Linux for the non-technical user?

Share This article If you’ve ever had to configure an SELinux (Security Enhanced Linux) kernel security module without the guidance of an administrator, you’ll understand why this recent interview with David Mirza Ahmad in Motherboard is interesting. Ahmad is the President of a company ...

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Mozilla blasts Microsoft for overriding user choice in Windows 10

Share This article Windows 10 dropped this week with a promise of a free upgrade for anyone using Windows 7 or 8, but it turns out there’s a fly in that ointment. If you previously used Chrome or Firefox as ...

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